Sanctuary of the Swan, extended stay hotel

Sanctuary of the Swan

Extended Stay Hotel

1906 Farmstead

Whole homes, not rooms

Welcome Hotel Guests

Hotel - Sanctuary of the Swan

5 star

4 homes to choose from




living room


*Best Extended Stay Hotel

in Berks County, PA

Sanctuary of the Swan

How may we make your Hotel stay special?

Bring your pup, yup!

high speed internet

extended stay hotel guests feel right at home

extended stay hotel

110 - 5* hotel reviews


99% bacteria free without chemicals

Romantic Swan Hotel

1906 farmstead Hotel

Historic & Romantic

Holidays, Vacation & Extended Stay Hotel

waterfowl reserve

Healing power of nature.

Nesting American Bald Eagle,

 Great Blue Heron, 

Royal White Mute Swans 

and ducks.  Deer too.