Sanctuary of the Swan, 1906 Farm Hotel

4 WHOLE HOMES in Nature, not rooms

spa, holiday & extended stay


99% bacteria free

without chemicals

Sanctuary of the Swan, whole home hotel

100 - 5*  🦢 SERENE 🦢 ECO 🦢 CLEAN 🦢 REVIEWS

Sanctuary to the Human spirit & wildlife

swan & dog rescue

Sanctuary of the Swan Hotel

4 Homes on private little Swan Sanctuary Farm

3 Apartments inside 1906 Farmhouse & Carriage House

a swan sanctuary hotel

Swan Sanctuary, Whole Home hotel alternative

BEST extended stay in Berks County, PA

Complimentary Big Farm Breakfast

kid, swan 🦢 and dog friendly

Swan Sanctuary - Spa Stays that Pamper

Spa Packages to Pamper: Robes, slippers, bubble bath +

SPA packages start at $100

How may we make Your stay special?

Swan Sanctuary, extended stay hotel

 Welcome 🦢 Travel Nurses & Exelon

10 min to Tower, Reading Hospital

20 min to Pottstown & Limerick 

Sadly, violent crime cities