5 * Swan Sanctuary Aparthotel, a whole home Hotel alternative

Welcome Weary Travelers

5* LUXURY at 2* Prices

vacation & extended stay in nature

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Sanctuary of the Swan is a private, micro nature reserve with 🏡🏡🏡🏡

a gOOd Night's Sleep in a WHOLE HOME

like coming home

exelon, 20 min from Limerick Nuclear Generating Station

Sanctuary of the Swan 5* alternative to Hotels

Sanctuary for the Human Spirit  🦢🦆 swans & wildlife

private ECO micro nature reserve


ethical airbnb alternative

Sanctuary of the Swan vacation & extended stay hotel alternative

Sanctuary for the Human spirit & wildlife

an ecotourist destination

& Swan Sanctuary

We honor & respect our Mother Earth, Gaia. 

5* Swan Sanctuary - extended stay hotel alternative

Dog Adventure Destination

5* Dog Friendly Whole Home Luxury

over 8,000 acres of hiking 

5 minutes away

In Between Houses? 3 Luxury WHOLE HOMES in Nature

vacation stays

extended stays

hotel alternative

an Aparthotel with

3 WHOLE HOMES, not rooms

Corporate Apartments

long term hotel